On Page SEO Services

On-page optimization is an essential component of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine companies add new ranking criteria frequently. Our company remains informed of changes in criteria to provide effective on-page optimization. When you select our company for on-page optimization, we will use the latest on-page optimization techniques.

Title Optimization

Our company recognizes the importance of title tags in website optimization. Some experts rank title tags as one of the most important website optimization elements. Since title tags are one of the first items indexed by search engines, we pay special attention to title tags and ensure title tags are properly optimized. We make title tags appealing to improve search engine rank and give your company a competitive advantage.

Our company may include your business’s name or site name in title tags. Keywords are another aspect of title optimization we often include to provide your company with the best results. Often, our company uses toll free numbers in title tags. This allows visitors to take direct action from the first interaction they have with the company on the search engine results page. Appropriate information in title tags helps your business appear legitimate and authentic.

Meta Tags Optimization

Meta-tags optimization is as important as title tags. Meta-descriptions describe your website in a concise format. We create meta-descriptions to sell your products or services. Most generic meta-descriptions do not facilitate website traffic generation. We use meta-descriptions as selling points to give your company a competitive advantage. Our company also incorporates keywords to improve SERP.

We Understand the Importance of Visual Appeal

Appearance is an important aspect of any website. Certain points should be highlighted to create reader interest. HitFollow uses HTML tags and header tags to delineate certain text from other text. We want readers to view your website as professional and appealing enough to remain on the page after navigating to the page. Our company uses HTML tags to ensure the most important points are highlighted.

We Focus on Keyword Optimization and Synonyms

We design website content for both search engines and readers. Our designers have mastered the fine balance between writing for an algorithm and for a person. We could saturate your content with keywords. Your website’s SERP would probably improve somewhat, but it would not be appealing or readable by the viewing public.

Major search engines, such as Google, have added criteria for unique and compelling content. Keyword-saturated content does not meet these criteria. We create balanced content which is effective in improving SERP and capturing the attention of readers. During this stage of optimization, our experienced consultants address keyword optimization, keyword density, synonyms for high volume keywords and long-tail keywords.

We Understand Link Optimization

Link optimization is important to provide better navigation for search engines. We optimize internal and external outbound links to appeal to search engines. Anchor text, link structure and permalinks are addressed by our trained consultants to improve your company’s website.

We Offer Image Optimization

Image load times can affect a website’s overall search engine ranking. If your website takes a long time to load, visitors are more likely to navigate to a competitor’s website while they are waiting. For this reason, Google has incorporated criteria to address load times. Companies with fast loading images and websites will be ranked higher. We optimize your images to increase load times and to appeal to Web crawlers and search engine spiders. Special tags are used to facilitate this process.